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Friends, past students and respected horsemen and women have come together to create this website for humble, yet notable, horseman Wayne Banney.

His work is highly regarded across Australia in a range of disciplines and we hope this website can share his upcoming clinics, articles and testimonials across the way... Wayne Banney

Upcoming Clinics

Drumborg, VIC

11th & 12th April 2018
Ground work and Ridden Clinic
Contact: Judy 0400 956 435

Warrnambool, VIC

21st & 22nd April 2018
Ground work and Ridden Clinic
Contact: Karen 0438 611 827

More Clinics

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To discuss a clinic "tailor made" for your needs, discipline and levels, please contact
Wayne Banney
for more information.

Most people do not need a $20,000 horse, these days people need a $2,000 horse and $10,000 worth of good instruction, from an experienced open minded and skilled instructor willing to give all. A willingness to go outside their comfort zone, and a willingness to ride longer and further to make a connection with their horse. Good experience comes from bad experiences.

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